How To: Turn Your Child’s Bedroom into an Outer Space Adventure!

Every kid wants a place that will allow them to escape the harsh times at school and let their imagination flourish. What better place than their bedroom? I mean come on, we all wanted our bedrooms to be decked out when we were kids. (I wanted my room to resemble the Star Wars galaxy, and maybe I still do – no shame!)

Below you’ll see one of our favorite projects designed by our very own, Jessica Candelario, she really took this one to the next level! Can you imagine growing up in this room?!

Let’s get the party started

Before we dive into the instructions on how to easily transform your child’s room, we won’t judge if you end up doing the same thing to your own room… Without further ado, here are the easy steps Jessica took on designing her kids room and so can you:

Step 1: Decide whether you want to surprise your child with a pre-determined theme or find out what your child would love. The last thing you want is to throw some Barney and friends characters onto your child’s walls when they are nine… we’ve seen it happen before! (Tommy was not a happy camper).

Step 2: Hop on a computer and go to




Step 3: Click on wallcoverings and enter the width and height of a wall in your kid’s room and press design.

Step 4: You’ll see our pre-designed patterns that you can look through or you can upload your own design or picture.

Walt disney wallpaper in HP Wallart


Step 5: Add to cart, enter your info, and you’re ready to go!

You can then continue adding more to your kid’s room by going back to our products page and select our other products, which will add realism to your kid’s wonderland. (I mean look at the fabric on that bed – We print everything!)
Once your beautiful wallpaper and other products arrive – the setup is super easy, just follow the custom instructions we send with your order. 

Make sure you have these tools for your DIY wallpaper installation:

  1. Smoothing Tool

  2. Knife

  3. Spare Blades

  4. Sponge

  5. Level

  6. Drop Cloth

  7. Wallpaper Tray

  8. Tape Measure



Final Step: Have a party with your kid in his/her new room! Yay!


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