Wall Coverings

Imagine one of a kind walls matching your color palette, scale, and design vision. With a choice of a simple wall mural or to cover an entire space in bespoke designs, you are no longer constrained to off-the-shelf selections. The only limit is your imagination.
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We offer three types of wall coverings:
Material Price Description

Smooth Water Activated

$2.00 per square foot

Smooth finish textured wallcovering with water activated adhesive backing. Long lasting with an easy install.

Cotton Texture Repositionable

$3.25 per square foot

This adhesive-backed wallcovering can be removed and repositioned over and over without leaving a sticky residue on your walls.

Canvas Texture Repositionable

$3.25 per square foot

Adhesive-backed canvas textured wallcovering can be wrapped around corners, on ceilings, and walls without losing adhesive quality.
Enjoy a mess-free install with this removable and repositionable wallcovering.



Wall Decals

Whether it’s to add embellishment to your favorite room or communicate a brand, vinyl wall art makes it easier, faster, and mess-free. Our wall decals are long lasting; they allow you your unique creativity. When you’re ready to replace them with a new design, they are easily removable. If you plan to save your design for another day, keep the backing that it comes on to safely store your wall decal.
Wall Decals are priced at $8.67 per square foot.