Window Treatments

Solar Shades

Form truly meets function with our custom printed solar shades. Integrate a stylish alternative to transform windows into works of art or branding opportunities all the while providing glare reduction and UV protection. We currently offer five fabric transparency options including a completely opaque blackout option for our solar shades. Due to the extreme custom nature of putting together a solar shade package, please contact us for more information and pricing.
Material Description & Some Benefits

Parallax 1%

A 1% transparency when referring to solar shades, means that 99% of the UV light and heat are blocked and reflected back into the atmosphere rather than transmitted into the room. This transparency is the closest option to the blackout while still allowing some light to pass through.

Parallax 3%

With a 3% transparency, 97% of the UV light and heat are blocked and reflected. This shade has enough openness to be able to see through to the other side, but still offers privacy and energy saving prospects.

Parallax 5%

With a 5% transparency, 95% of the UV light and heat are blocked and reflected. This shade has a slight more openness than the 3%.

Parallax 10%

At a 10% transparency, only 90% of the UV light and heat are blocked and reflected from entering into the room.

Parallax Blackout

This shade is completely opaque. All of the UV light and heat are blocked from transmitting into the room. This solar shade also offers the most privacy as there is absolutely no openness or transparency to this blackout.



In addition to the fabric, there are many other ways to customize your window treatment. To help further enhance your custom design, our solar shades are offered with one standard and four optional operating systems for optimal performance. The manual roller shade is included in the basic package of ordering a Solar Shade from Interior Ink; it is typically operated with a chain or cord, however, it can also be ordered as cordless. Below are the optional alternatives to the standard manual.


Shade Operation Description

LT30 Battery Wirefree

This is a wirefree and battery powered motor that will operate the solar shade. Included with any one of these motorized options is a single channel remote that uses radio technology. All of our motor options are compatible with this remote.

LT30 Solar Wirefree

This wirefree motor is very similar to the LT30 Battery Wirefree, but it is solar powered instead of battery powered. It is also controlled with a remote.

Sonesse 30 Low Voltage

This motor will require a nearby outlet to the desired window to be powered. Although it’s not wirefree, the low voltage amount will add to the already great benefit of saving energy with a solar shade.

Sonesse 50 Hardwired

This motor does not require batteries or unsightly cords hanging around, but it will require an electrician to install into your home, but don’t let that discourage you.